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The Perfected Classic On Wisdom And The Exorcism Of Demons

The Perfected Classic On Wisdom And The Exorcism Of Demons

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This ancient Five-Volume Daoist Text  is traditionally known as “The Perfected Classic on Wisdom and the Exorcism of Demons as Spoken By the Great High Lord of Cavern Perfection." It was originally written prior to 400 A.D., and was eventually categorized as Book #1032 in the Zhengtong Daozang (Daoist Canon of the Zhengtong Reign Period),during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644A.D.).

The important information contained within these five short chapters represent the secret “Cavern” teachings that originally accompanied ancient Daoist Alchemy Training. Because the reading was traditionally used in ancient China in order to help spiritually activate and energize the disciple’s esoteric “Three in One” Practice, “Cultivation and Transformation” Practice, “Small Heavenly Cycle” Practice, etc.; it is presented here as an essential companion to theDaoist Internal Alchemy Neigong and Weigong Training textbook.

It is important to note, that the term "Cavern" does not refer to a literal Cave, but instead was intended to convey the sense of "Penetrating Thorough Esoteric Knowledge." Therefore this special teaching was specifically used to also help free the disciple from the mental overshadowing of the “cultural trance,” and liberate his Mind.

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