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Daoist Alchemy: Nei Gong – Final Edition

Daoist Alchemy: Nei Gong – Final Edition

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Training in esoteric Daoist Alchemy from the Zheng Yi School of Ancient Chinese Mysticism

Finally, 628 pages of the much sought after secret teachings of esoteric Daoist Alchemy are available to the public for comprehensive reading and practice. Written by a Senior Daoist Abbot for his "Wen (Healer/Scholar) - Wu (Martial)" disciples, and now available to serious students for the purpose of experiencing exciting life-changing transformations. This historic instructional book includes, an introduction to Ancient Chinese Alchemy, Spiritual Transformation, The Metaphysical Realm, Returning to the Original Nature, External Alchemy and Daoist Lower Magic, Internal Alchemy and Daoist Middle Magic, Esoteric Alchemy and Daoist High Magic, Magic and Immortality, The Natural Forces of the Three Powers, Nine Treasures and Daoist Alchemy, Understanding Energy (Qi), The Five Realms of Energy, Energetic Formation of the Universe, The Five Pure Lights, The Yellow River Chart (Hetu), The Luo River Graph, Three Martial, Medical, and Magical Schools of Daoist Neigong Training, The Function of the Body’s Spirit Fires, Introduction to Training Daoist Alchemy, Required Training and Discipline, External and Internal Cultivation Methods, Meditations and Exercises, Sexual Cultivation, Static & Dynamic Postures Training, The Eight Secret Methods, Exercises and Elixirs For Gathering Celestial Yang and Celestial Yin Qi, Gathering The Qi of the Celestial Stars, The Esoteric Words of Daoist Alchemy, Ancient Daoist Graphs, Having an Immortal’s Bones and Understanding Karma, Ritual to Forgive, Release, & Revoke, The Internal Landscape (NeiJing Tu), The Chart for Cultivating Perfection (Xiuzhen Tu), The Taiji Pole of Heaven, Earth, & Man, The Six Transpersonal Chakras & Three Dantians, The 7 Secret Portals of the Upper Dantian, Energetically Activating The 3 Eyes, Lords of the 3 Dantians, The Three Dantians Meditation, The Guarding the One Meditation, The Guarding the Three Ones Meditation, Training Daoist Alchemy, Laying A Foundation, The 100-Day Celibacy Training, The Microcosmic Orbit Meditation, The Macrocosmic Orbit, The Five Element Regulation Meditation, The Fusion of the Eight Trigrams Meditation, Activating the Niwan Palace Meditation, Secret Alchemical Teaching, Magical Fusion With an Internal Body Deity, Sexual-Spiritual Fusion With An External Celestial Deity, Magical-Energetic Fusion With An External Celestial Deity, The Fa Ming Secret Name, The Disciple’s “Most Secret Name,” Feeding The Most Secret Name, Five Steps To Immortality, Creating The Immortal Fetus, 18 Steps To Perfection, The Golden Light Preparation, Gathering The External Alchemical Agent, Gathering the Inner Alchemical Agent , Dragon And Tiger Copulating, Creating the Golden Fetus, Creating The Golden Egg, Opening the Hall of Light, Hatching the Golden Fetus, Bathing & Feeding the Immortal Fetus, The Three Continual Ascensions, Training the Immortal Infant, 10 Stages of Spiritual Transformation, Supernatural Immortal Manifestations, Ascending into Heaven, Service As A Celestial Immortal, Repaying Your Celestial Debt of Life, “Transference of Power” (“Magical Initiation”), and much more!

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