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Secret Teachings of Chinese Energetic Medicine – Vol.2

Secret Teachings of Chinese Energetic Medicine – Vol.2

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Volume 2 – The Secret Teachings of Chinese Energetic Medicine – Energetic Alchemy, Dao Yin Therapy, Healing Qi Deviations, and Spirit Pathology

This second textbook (677 pages) includes a thorough understanding of ancient Chinese esoteric alchemy, metaphysical theories of projecting the Soul, Spirit, and Qi, Daoist Sorcery, Psychic Attacks, and Demonic or Spirit Oppression/Possession, as well as the practical Medical Qigong applications used to treat such conditions. Never before in the history of Chinese Energetic Medicine has a book been made available to the public that includes such comprehensive and thorough understandings on ancient Chinese healing techniques. Written by an internationally recognized Professor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Grand Master of Daoist Internal Martial Arts, and Senior Abbot of the Tian Yun Gong Daoist Monastery, this five textbook series provides the first complete explanation of ancient esoteric Chinese theory that has for centuries eluded and confounded the West. The addition of ancient Daoist charts, graphs, and illustrations provides a deeper, more comprehensive visual model for the reader. This second textbook includes in-depth detailed teachings of Daoist esoteric theories and the practical applications of ancient Chinese Energetic Medicine. The key features of this second textbook include the following:

– Chinese Energetic Medicine and Daoist Alchemy
– Daoist Alchemy and the Three Powers (San Cai)
– The Three Treasures of Heaven: Sun, Moon, & Stars
– The Three Treasures of Earth: Soil, Water, & Wind
– The Three Treasures of Man: Jing, Qi, & Shen
– Introduction To Medical Qigong Dao Yin Training
– Medical Qigong Postural Dao Yin Training
– Introduction to Static and Dynamic Postures
– The Eight Dao Yin Breathing Techniques
– Medical Qigong Mental Dao Yin Training
– Awakening and Transforming the Mind
– Rectifying Qi Deviations With Medical Qigong Therapy
– Soul Retrieval and Medical Qigong Therapy
– Spirit Pathology, Clinical Safety And Spirit Protection
– Dealing With Spirit Parasites In The Medical Qigong Clinic
– Locating and Removing Energetic Parasites
– Treatment Patients Using the Thirteen Ghost Points
– Returning Home After Performing a Clinical Exorcism

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