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The Buddhist Mystic's Tools & Rituals

The Buddhist Mystic's Tools & Rituals

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The second book is a companion to my first book, The Mystical Teachings of the Buddhist. In this book series, it contains many of the secret Buddhist tools and magical rituals that were used in ancient times to create different types of energetic manifestations. Many of these esoteric teachings came from my personal journals with my Buddhist teachers who originated from Tibet, The People’s Republic of China, Taiwan, and the United States.

Much of this information, especially the teachings surrounding ancient phurba trainings and the Tibetan Homa Puja fire rituals, originate from the Northern Treasures tradition, and are specifically associated with the famous Tibetan mystic Padmasambhava (Guru Rinpoche) and his personal energetic practices. To date, I have only passed this information down to my most trusted disciples, and in the same manner in which they were originally passed down to me.

I have written this information to provide a seeker of truth with a powerful energetic approach towards self-discovery and spiritual transformation. Therefore, all these unveiled teachings are to be used to radiantly awaken a mystic’s body, mind, and spirit, and provide a seeker of truth with a way to discover - hidden within this ancient wisdom - a brand new way of appreciating who they really are, and the great value of their life…


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