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Yiquan Neigong Daoist Training

Yiquan Neigong Daoist Training

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The Yiquan Neigong Daoist Training is designed to internally create as well as increase a vibrational resonance within the body’s tissues. As a martial artist, this special training is traditionally used to develop profound internal power, often embodied to enhance a student's crushing palm and iron shirt ability. 

As a healer, this same cultivated ability is used to effectively breakup qi (energy) and blood stagnations within the body’s tissues. In fact, during the 1990’s in the various Medical Qigong clinics and hospitals of the People’s Republic of China, this cultivated vibrational skill was often used for destroying different types of internal and external cyst and tumor formations inside a patient’s body. 

As a Daoist mystic, this important training allows a person to better dissolve their spiritual consciousness into the infinite space of the Wuji (Great Void), and energetically connect with the subtle pulsations of all creation.

Because the ability to develop internal vibration is so important to those who practice Daoist martial arts, energetic healing, or esoteric mysticism, I have made these teachings available in a short 88-page workbook - specifically designed to assist the reader in learning these fascinating techniques and applications.

Included in this book is the history, foundational training, and beginning – intermediate - and advanced teachings, as well as different Yiquan meditations designed to assist all practitioners, no matter what their particular lineage - or the extent of their prior training.

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