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Daoist Weather Magic - Final Edition

Daoist Weather Magic - Final Edition

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This book includes the following information: Introduction to Feng Shui, History of Feng Shui, The Original Schools of Feng Shui, The Form School, The Compass School, Pattern (Li) and Energy (Qi), The Four Animals, The Qi of Earth, The Earth’s Three Layers, The Earth as Yin , Heat and Light, Interactions of Heaven and Earth, The Earth’s Energetic Grids, Three Realms of Earth Energy, Five Element Patterns of Earth, Three Treasures of Earth, The Energy of Earth (Soil): Di, Understanding The Landscape, The Movement of the Water, The Topography Flow, Normal and Abnormal Landforms, The Location of Sha Qi, Sha Qi and Sorcery, The Location of the Residence, Understanding The Mountain Dragon, The Dragon’s Pulse, The Dragon’s Lair, Four Mountain Dragons, Mountain Formations, Five Element Mountain Formations, Sacred Mountains, Five Sacred Mountains of Thunder Magic, Patterns of the Nine Star Mountains, Gathering Qi From Mountains, Valleys, and Deserts, Interactions With Mountain (Nature) Spirits, Summoning Mountain Spirits, Finding and Entering into the Power Spot, Communicating With Mountain Spirits, Before Leaving the Power Spot, If Things Go Wrong, Returning to the Power Spot, Gathering Energy from Valleys, Gathering Energy from Deserts, Summoning The Earth God to Remove Malevolent Spirits, The Energy of Wind: Feng, Wind, the Music of the Earth and Voice of Heaven, The Wind as Messenger of Change, The Stars Affecting Wind and Rain, The Yin and Yang Nature of Wind, Wind Direction and Daoist Magic, The Eight Directions of the Wind, Whirlwinds, Gathering Qi from the Four Winds, The Energy of Water: Shui, The Magical Virtues of Water, Water in Science, The Body’s Need For Water, The Voice of Water, Energetic Qualities of Water, The Water Dragon, The Water Dragon Classics, The Four Animal Water Patterns, Five Element Water Formations, Gathering Qi From Oceans, Lakes, Rivers and Streams, Invisible Watercourses, Sacred Watercourses, Waterfalls and Energetic Portals, Cultivation Techniques, Common Water Spirits, Daoist Weather Magic, Daoist Magical Theory, The Six Laws of Daoist Magic, Techniques of Natural Power, Understanding Weather Magic, Weather “Sense” Perception, Weather Divination, Rain Storms, Clouds, Mist, and Fog, Snow Storms, Hail Storms, Wind Storms, Dust Storms, Thunder Storms, Daoist Weather “Tools,” Weather Stones, Weather Talismans, Weather Magic Rituals, Gathering Qi From Clouds and Mist, Rainmaking Rituals, Calling the Wind, Summoning a Storm, Calming and Sedating a Storm, Stopping a Storm, Thunder Magic (Wu Lei Fa), History of Thunder Magic, History of the Five Thunder Gods, The Two Primary Schools of Thunder Magic, Internal Thunder Magic (Cultivation and Healing), The Yellow Court Meditation for Internal Cultivation, Closing the Devil’s (Ghost) Gate Before Healing the Sick, External Thunder Magic (Magic and Exorcism), Constructing the Thunder Altar, The Direction to Summon the Thunder, The Thunder Talisman, The Thunder Incantations, The Thunder Hand Seal, Summoning the Power of Thunder, Gathering the Power of Thunder

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