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The Jade Mirror of Lingbao Daoist Magic (Book #2) - Final Edition

The Jade Mirror of Lingbao Daoist Magic (Book #2) - Final Edition

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Historically, the Lingbao Daoist School first surfaced around 400 A.D., when the secret al­chemical texts known as The Five Talisman Lingbao Scriptures were made public by Ge Chaofu, the grandnephew of the famous Daoist alchemist Ge Hong.

The following presentation is the second installment of the ancient “Jade Mirror of Numinous Treasure” (Lingbao Yujian ) Daoist teachings. Included in this next mystical book are the translations and commentaries surrounding Volumes 11 – 28 of the original 43 Volume text.

In this fascinating book are many of the ancient magical invocations and secret talismans that were used by the early Lingbao Daoists to summon celestial generals to take command of wandering ghosts and disruptive spirits. Also included in these unique teachings are special star stepping instructions, the activation incantations used to empower the rituals, and the different types of altar banners that were used as important exorcism and meditation tools.

It is my sincere hope that all who read these unique teachings will enjoy this second book, and will greatly benefit from Daoist master Ge Chaofu’s personal attempt to combine and utilize the ancient mystical teachings and wisdom of the early Shangqing Daoist and Mahayana Buddhist sects...

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