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The Entire Houston Cancer Seminars 1-6 (25 DVD Set)

The Entire Houston Cancer Seminars 1-6 (25 DVD Set)

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The Entire Houston Cancer Seminars 1-6 by Professor Jerry Alan Johnson (25 DVD Set)

This DVD-R series was filmed at the Houston Medical Center during a six month intensive training program on Medical Qigong Therapy for cancer treatment. Professor Johnson, a member of the External Advisory Committee for Clinical Oncology at the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston Texas, taught 45 professionals specific Medical Qigong clinical protocols used for the treatment of various types of cancer, as taught in hospitals and clinics throughout Beijing China. Included in this six month seminar series are specific Medical Qigong prescription exercises and meditations used for enhancing Medical Qigong treatments. Also included are Medical Qigong treatment protocols specifically used for addressing the side eff ects caused from radiation and chemotherapy.

The initial goal of this six month oncology seminar series was to assist professionals in establishing an alternative and complimentary approach to Western cancer treatment using Chinese Medical Qigong Therapy and herbal formulas; as well as to off er assistance to cancer programs already established at western hospitals and cancer centers.

This detailed DVD-R series was developed to supplement the information contained in the textbook Chinese Medical Qigong Therapy Volume 5: An Energetic Approach to Oncology, written by Professor Jerry Alan Johnson. Each DVD-R targets a specific area of training, corresponding with detailed instruction from the oncology textbook.

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