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Houston Cancer Seminar #6 (4 DVD Set)

Houston Cancer Seminar #6 (4 DVD Set)

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Medical Qigong Treatment Protocols Used For Radiation and Chemotherapy by Professor Jerry Alan Johnson (4 DVD Set)

This sixth DVD set was developed in order to teach Medical Qigong students, as well as other health professionals, the foundational knowledge needed to effectively treat patients who are currently receiving radiation therapy and chemotherapy as well as how to effectively treat the side effects of such treatments.

This 4 DVD set contains the following information: Overview of Tissue Damage Caused From Cytotoxic Treatments; Introduction to Radiation Therapy; Questioning Radiation Therapy; How to Treat Patients Who Have Undergone Radiation Therapy; Student Examination; Introduction to Chemotherapy; Clinical Protocol for Chemotherapy Patients; How to Energetically Seal the Wrists to Prevent Toxic Qi Invasion; Treating the Side Effects of Chemotherapy; Cautions of Treating Patients Who Are Pregnant; Treating Urinary Bladder Infections; Treatment for Diminished White Blood Cell Count; Juice Formulas that Nourish The Body’s Yin; Lecture on Nutritional Therapy for Cancer Treatment; Lecture on Fu Zheng Herbs and for Cancer Treatment; The 2004 Graduating Class of Medical Qigong Clinical

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