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Houston Cancer Seminar #5 (4 DVD Set)

Houston Cancer Seminar #5 (4 DVD Set)

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Medical Qigong Cancer Prescription Exercises and Meditations by Professor Jerry Alan Johnson (4 DVD Set) 

This fifth DVD set was developed in order to teach Medical Qigong students, as well as other health professionals, the foundational knowledge needed to effectively provide the Medical Qigong prescription homework exercises and meditations needed to augment the Medical Qigong treatment protocol, as well as their contraindications.

This 4 DVD set contains the following information: Establishing a Cancer Support Group; Establishing an Instant Relationship Exercise; The Psycho-Physical Aspects of the Emotions; The Splintering of the Spirit and Body; Stages of Emotional Reactions; The Need for Emotional Security; Finding the Chambers of the Past, Present, and Future Meditation; Pulling Out the Pain Meditation; Dissolving Emotional Blockages Meditation; Stages of Emotional Healing; The Great Illuminating Pearl Meditation; The Sun and Moon Meditation; Energy Ball Meditation; Overview of the Dry Crying and Beating the Bag Exercises; Treating Scar Tissue; Disease Patterns and Energy Flow; and Student Examination.

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