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Houston Cancer Seminar #2 (4 DVD Set)

Houston Cancer Seminar #2 (4 DVD Set)

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An Energetic Approach to Oncology by Professor Jerry Alan Johnson (4 DVD Set)

This second DVD set was developed in order to teach Medical Qigong students, as well as other health professionals, the foundational knowledge needed to diagnose and treat cyst, tumor and cancer formations from a Chinese Medical Qigong perspective.

This 4 DVD set contains the following information: An Introduction to History of Cancer Treatments and Medical Qigong; Introduction to Cancer Treatments; The Five Primary Causes of Cancer; Categorization of Benign and Malignant Tumors; Three Types of Cancer; Three Types of Cancer Growth; Theories of Cancer Metastases; Cancer Staging Systems; T.C.M. Theory on Cancer Etiology; Four Approaches to Cancer Therapy; Energy Protection Meditations Used Before Treating Cancer Patients; How to Release Qi from the Body; An Introduction to Cancer Treatments; Introduction to Cancer Healing Sounds; Creating an Energy Ball; Introduction to Cleaning the Chakra Gate Filters; and An Introduction to Invisible Needle Therapy.

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