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The Hidden Teachings of Christian Mysticism (Vol. 2)

The Hidden Teachings of Christian Mysticism (Vol. 2)

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The Hidden Teachings of Christian Mysticism (Vol. 2)
Psychic Influences & Spiritual Protection


The documented knowledge and wisdom in this second book goes far beyond the study of simple fable and poltergeist activity. Instead, it enters into the deepest discoveries of divine law, which are said to rule over and govern the different spiritual realms. That being said, the mystical teachings and principles that are contained within this workbook are specifically tailored for those individuals who seek after deeper truths that have somehow eluded their current spiritual practice.

The problem with trying to obtain an understanding of any of the following mystical teachings, at least for the general public or any church congregation member, is that in order to have access to this special information you had to first qualify to receive this training. Because of this strict guideline, having access to this sacred knowledge was extremely limited – and was only made available on a need to know basis.

What is even more problematic when addressing this issue, is that often certain supernatural experiences, especially those bordering on the terrifying, are quickly ignored within the church. In fact, many times certain topics such as unexpected encounters with ghosts or spirits are quickly avoided, even among the various church elders who are responsible for spiritually overseeing and protecting the flock.

With this in mind, the purpose of writing this second book is twofold. First, to offer the Christian reader a guiding light into the true workings of the spirit realm; and second, to instruct them with practical applications that will help them as Christians to effectively overcome malevolent forces.

In this second book, Professor Johnson covers such topics as the metaphysical manifestations within the Christian Church, the three realms of creation, the powerful effects of psychic influence, understanding thought forms, ghosts, hauntings, demonic spirits, the study of angelology, the celestial guardians, the history of magical books, the Treasury of Light, accessing the radiant light of God, different types of exorcism, and what to do before, during, and after an exorcism, as well as many different sacred-sound meditations, healing applications, and spiritual transformation trainings. These are embodiment teachings, designed to uplift, transform, and enlighten the reader’s body, mind, and spirit.

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