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Chinese Medical Qigong Therapy DVD 6

Chinese Medical Qigong Therapy DVD 6

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Medical Qigong Invisible Needle Technique;Five Element Qigong Massage and Energetic Point Therapy by Professor Jerry Alan Johnson

This sixth in a series of ten DVDs was developed in order to teach Medical Qigong students the various hand postures and Qi emitting methods effectively used when applying the Invisible Needle Technique, Five Element Qigong Massage and Energetic Point Therapies. This DVD contains the following Medical Qigong treatment techniques: Preparation for Invisible Needle Therapy, Hand Postures for the Invisible Needle Technique, Tonification and Sedation Techniques, Removing and Disposing of Invisible Needles, Five Element Qigong Massage Techniques, the Circle Compression Method, the Compression Release Method, Thrusting Method, Grasping and Shaking Method, Tapping Method, and Point Therapy Treatments.

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