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Medical Qigong Therapy Articles

Over the past two millennia, many doctors of Tradition Chinese Medicine, Daoist and Buddhist Monks and Priests, and Internal Martial Arts Masters have contributed to the expansion of Chinese Medical Qigong Therapy. The objectives for healing disease in Medical Qigong training are approached as follows:

  • First, Purge (remove) and eliminate any Excess conditions caused from Internal Pathogenic Factors (i.e., the accumulation of excessive emotions such as anger, grief, worry, fear, etc.), as well as the over-exposure to External Pathogenic Factors (i.e., the invasion of Cold, Hot, Damp, etc., from the environment).
  • Second, Tonify (strengthen) and increase the patient’s relative Qi levels, as needed to counteract any Deficient condition located within the internal organs and channels.
  • Third, Regulate (harmonize) the patient’s Yin and Yang energy, and bring the body back into balance.

Medical Qigong Therapy consists of simultaneously treating and eventually harmonizing the patient’s Three Bodies (i.e., the physical body, energy body, and spirit body). The Medical Qigong Doctor will also address any disharmonies that have manifested within the patient’s internal life-force energies; especially those disharmonies occurring within the patient’s Nurturing Qi, Sea of Blood, Sea of Marrow, or internal blockages located along the center core Taiji Pole.

Some of the most common diseases treated in Medical Qigong Therapy Clinics are: diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, breast and ovarian cysts and tumors, migraine headaches, fibromyalgia, insomnia, acute abdominal pain, prostatitis, irritable bowel syndrome, deep tissue obstruction, muscle atrophy, brain tumors, stroke, coma retrieval, and certain types of cancer. The Medical Qigong Therapy focuses on relieving pain, detoxifying the body of toxic emotions (e.g., excessive anger, fear, worry, etc.), correcting internal organ dysfunctions, and balancing excess or deficient Qi and Blood conditions.

Medical Qigong Therapy is where the medical skills of treating patients and the energetic and spiritual intuitive skills of shamanism united, creating a complete and balanced form of Energetic Medicine. For example, ancient Chinese Medical Qigong Therapy, was originally divided into three levels of treatment, corresponding to the Qi of Heaven, Earth, and Man. Which of the various clinical methods and applications that were used to treat a patient, depended on the healer’s own personal internal cultivation and understanding of energetic and spiritual principles.

When treating a patient, Medical Qigong Therapy traditionally uses five major clinical modalities: Distance Qi Emission Therapy, Self-Regulation Homework Prescriptions, Medical Qigong Massage Therapy, Healing Sound Therapy, and Invisible Needle Therapy.

When treating a patient, Medical Qigong Therapy traditionally uses five major clinical modalities:

  1. Distance Qi Emission: This requires the Medical Qigong Doctor to make contact with and transform a patient’s energetic field of Qi. By focusing on the energetic properties active within the patient’s internal organs, channels, collaterals, and various points, from a distance of several inches, several feet, or even many miles away, the patient’s internal tissues can be effectively Purged, Tonified, and Regulated.
  2. Self-Regulation Homework Prescriptions: These are Medical Qigong Prescription Exercises that include special postures, movements, respiratory patterns, sound vibrations, and mental visualizations. They are traditionally prescribed to patients in order to augment the healing benefits of a Medical Qigong treatment, and include using various lying, sitting, standing, and moving postures. The patients use these self-regulating Medical Qigong techniques to maintain their own health in-between the treatments. The patients may also be encouraged to use their own religious/spiritual belief system as a healing tool to augment the energy treatments.
  3. Medical Qigong Massage: This is a soft-tissue regulation technique that differs from the Tui Na or An Mo methods of Chinese Massage Therapy. In a Medical Qigong Massage, the doctor’s hand barely skims the patient’s body, as lightly as a feather, never exceeding the pressure one would place on an eyeball. The light skimming action is used to dredge the energy of the patient’s external channels, which serve as pathways for Qi transference, causing trapped or excess Qi to be released from deep within the body’s internal channels.
  4. Healing Sound Therapy: This is one of the most powerful tools used in Medical Qigong Therapy for breaking up energetic stagnations. It requires the doctor to project audible and sub-audible sound vibration deep into the patient’s tissues. When the sound resonation penetrates the patient’s tissues, it causes massive chaotic vibrational patterns that disrupt the body’s accepted “normal” energetic flow. This energetic disruption softens and liquefies the patient’s Stagnant Qi, making it easier to purge and disperse from the tissues.
  5. Invisible Needle Therapy: This clinical modality involves the special visualization of energetic needles constructed of light. These special Needles of Light are then inserted into specific points on the patient’s body. The Needles of Light are traditionally used to stimulate and direct the patient’s internal flow of Qi.

The following articles are some examples of the information currently being taught by Professor Jerry Alan Johnson’s private Doctor of Medical Qigong Therapy classes. The purpose for making these special teachings available to the public are two fold.

  • First, because so many individuals have contacted Professor Johnson seeking help using Medical Qigong Therapy to treat patients who have been diagnosed with cancer, he has decided to make certain teachings available to individuals who are seeking assistance in these special clinical modalities.
  • Second, contained within the five volumes Medical Qigong textbook series is ancient knowledge and privileged information detailing how to effectively diagnose and energetically treat patients using Medical Qigong Therapy. Today in modern China, the Medical Qigong Treatment Protocols have dramatically changed, and many of the special Daoist based teachings and esoteric clinical approaches contained within Professor Johnson’s Chinese Medical Qigong Therapy textbook series are no longer available in mainland China.