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A Master’s Journey: Secret Memoirs of a Warrior, Healer, & Mystic

A Master’s Journey: Secret Memoirs of a Warrior, Healer, & Mystic

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2nd Revised Edition Now AvailableFrom training with many talented Chinese kungfu masters, powerful energy healers, and esoteric Daoist and Buddhist mystics - to befriending and working with high council members of the Chinese Tong, C.I.A. agents, and Contract Mercenaries - Professor Jerry Alan Johnson shares his incredible true-life adventure in this exciting 626-page teaching memoir.

For those who do not know him, in Beijing, China, Professor Johnson is considered to be the “Father of Medical Qigong Therapy to the West” by the World Academic Society of Medical Qigong - and his five-volume textbooks titled “The Secret Teachings of Chinese Energetic Medicine” are currently being used as a definitive text on medical qigong clinical applications in many acupuncture colleges throughout the world today.

Although he is a Senior Abbot of a Zhengyi Daoist Temple, Professor Johnson is also known as one of the first kungfu masters who, in the late 1980s and early 1990s began popularizing the Daoist internal martial arts system of Baguazhang to the American public.

As he progressed through 46-years of non-stop training, Professor Johnson recounts the fascinating experience of being mentored in both the United States and in China by several great Wudang masters of Chinese internal martial artist, Chinese energetic medicine, and ancient Daoist mysticism – which specialized in esoteric alchemy, exorcism, divine healing, and spiritual transformation.

In this final revised edition, Professor Johnson shares many esoteric teachings that were originally passed down to him in his quest for developing self-mastery and obtaining self-realization. Included in this last version are 130 additional pages and over 358 new images that are specifically used to help the reader understand these unique stories, and embody these special teachings.

“I believe your memoir is a very important book that needs to be published and distributed world-wide; and I hope that it achieves for the Daoist tradition the impact that "Autobiography of a Yogi" did for Hinduism and yoga in the West.”

Kamran Pasha – Screenwriter, Director, and Novelist

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