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Houston Cancer Seminar #1 (5 DVD Set)

Houston Cancer Seminar #1 (5 DVD Set)

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Introduction to Medical Qigong Therapy and Cancer Treatment: Setting a Clinical Foundation (a 5 DVD Set)

This first DVD set was developed in order to teach Medical Qigong students, as well as other health professionals, the foundational knowledge needed to operate a safe and eff ective Medical Qigong clinic, as established by the Hai Dian University and the Xi Yuan Hospital in Beijing China.

This 5 DVD set contains the following information: An Introduction to Medical Qigong Therapy, The Five Energies of the Human Body; Building an Energetic Boundary; Clinical Safety (understanding toxic energetic pathogens); Contraindication and Improper Qigong Training; Building an Energetic Boundary; Introduction to Energy Blockages; Understanding the Structural Matrix of an Energetic Cluster; Combining Medical Qigong Therapy with Sound and Color; Treating Phantom Pains and Rebuilding The patient’s Energetic Fields; Qi Emitting Methods; An Introduction to Cancer Prescription Exercises; The Basic Clinical Protocol; and Treating the Patient.

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