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Chinese Medical Qigong Therapy DVD 7

Chinese Medical Qigong Therapy DVD 7

  • $ 5000

Medical Qigong Healing Sound Therapy and Prescriptions by Professor Jerry Alan Johnson

This seventh in a series of ten DVDs was developed in order to teach Medical Qigong students the various Healing Sound Therapies and Prescriptions, as well as when to prescribe them and when they are contraindicated. This DVD contains the following Medical Qigong treatment therapies: Preparation for the Six Healing Sounds, the Six Healing Sound Therapies, Combining Multiple Organ Sounds, Contraindications for the Six Healing Sound Therapy, Specialized Sound Therapy for Treating Internal Organ Diseases, Cysts, Tumor and Cancer, Tones for Treating Radiation and Chemotherapy Patients, and Contraindications for Internal Organ Disease, Tumor and Cancer Sound Therapy.

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