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Chinese Medical Qigong Therapy DVD 10

Chinese Medical Qigong Therapy DVD 10

  • $ 5000

Soul Retrieval by Professor Jerry Alan Johnson

This tenth and final DVD was developed in order to teach Medical Qigong students how to assist patients in addressing and overcoming the suppressed emotional traumas which are responsible for creating and sustaining their disease (if the disease is emotionally induced). This DVD contains the following information: Introduction to Soul Retrieval, The Five Levels of Feelings, Physiological Effects of Benign and Malignant Emotional Patterns, Wounding and Closing the Spirit, Soul Retrieval Stage #1: Finding the Storage Chambers of the Body’s Past, Present and Future Emotions, Soul Retrieval Stage #2: Pulling Out the Pain Meditation, Soul Retrieval Stage #3: Finding, Healing and Reprogramming Past Emotional Patterns, as well as Facing the Transitions of Life and Death.

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